Black Top & Checker Cabs
Black Top & Checker Cabs
We are always at your service. Fast and reliable way to find quality taxi service anywhere you need it.
Black Top & Checker Cabs
Black Top & Checker Cabs is the most reliable and secure way to find a taxi, regardless of your destination.
24 hour Taxi Service
Enjoy the ride anywhere at any time with our experienced drivers. We are always ready to offer you a taxi.
Lots of Options
We have a variety of options and additional services to customize your desired taxi just the way you want.

Stress-Free Transportation

Black Top & Checker Cabs has over 280 cars available so that you can easily arrange comfortable transportation for large groups or a few people.
Call our Black Top & Checker Cabs dispatch center at +1-604-681-3201

No Surging, Ever

Black Top & Checker Cabs rates never surge, so you can be sure that you will never have to worry what the final price of your trip will be. Your price stays the same no matter where and when.


Estimate pricing

We let our clients know the estimate price ahead of time. It's that Simple and very Transparent.


24/7 Support

We have live agents (real people - no robots)on the phone to hear your needs and see you through your journey.
Try it out: +604-681-3201


Pre-book by Black Top & Checker Cabs

Pre-book service allows you to book in advance any kind of taxi that you need to make business trips less stressful.

Booking Options

A modern taxi company must meet many different needs. We understand it very well, and that’s exactly why Black Top & Checker Cabs offers a variety of booking options and available destinations for your convenience.

Many of our customers order taxi for other travelers. Booking online at Black Top & Checker Cabs website has many advantages for those who work in a reception or a travel agency or if your professional role coordinates other traveler's transfers.


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