Some of the smartest and most brilliant minds in the world and some of the smartest companies are not the only ones who are dealing with cryptocurrencies. They are actually making use of cryptocurrency to make sure that they integrate it as a payment solution, to make sure that it is easy for us, the customers, to pay for the services that we employ. Well, one of the most amazing solutions is invented currently. It is the reduction of travel time and, also solving traffic jams. But, it could increase traffic in the air. Well, I am talking about flying taxi services. The services aim to end traffic jams.

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Lilium is a Munich-based company, and it is a company that is promising to enable the passengers to travel at least five times faster than any car. The mission of Lilium is very simple; they want to introduce the world’s first all-electric flying taxi or cab service. It is an air taxi that can take up to 5 people. You will not have to purchase one; you will just have to pay the taxi for a ride and, you can call it with a push of a button, on your smartphone. You will need to have a mobile application on your phone. They want to make air taxis available to anyone who can afford a flying taxi. They are saying that it is going to be just as affordable as riding a car taxi.

They have reported that they have already secured more than $90 million in funding so that they can make this happen. They are also saying that they are really considering and making sure that they can accept bitcoin because they are serious about accepting digital currencies. They say that making use of Blockchain technology is going to be very revolutionary and very simple for the users and the companies as well. There are many reasons as to why this company wants to accept Blockchain technology. They say that it is instantaneous, which is very true. Blockchain technology is something that will enable you to make instantaneous payments which are also very secure.

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Bitcoin will actually be one of the first payment methods that you can use to fly this particular flying taxi. Bitcoin is actually already riding the skies as some drone companies are accepting bitcoin. But, this will be one of the first times you will be making use of bitcoin to fly in a taxi.

Well, flying taxi services are certainly an innovation to talk about, but we need to think about its security and safety.

Will the flying taxi service actually be as amazing as it sounds?

We should wait and see, but I suggest we be a little optimistic.

The Flying Taxi Businesses And Bitcoin

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